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We believe in a holistic approach, so we have all the tools needed to assess and treat our patients. One-stop shopping for you to get you on the road to health and wellness.

Chiropractic Neurologists are board-certified specialists in non-drug, non-surgical care for those with neurologically based health problems. The training takes approximately 4 years and includes an extensive written and oral examination. With this training there are many conditions people suffer from that can be helped. A short list includes:

  • Headaches
  • Vertigo
  • Pain syndromes
  • Nerve injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Head injury or stroke
  • Movement disorders

This specialty certainly cannot offer a cure for all who present with these problems, but more times than not considerable changes occur.

What does a visit to the Chiropractic Neurologist involve?

A history is taken; this includes your current concerns, past health, lifestyle, job and family. Next a thorough neurologic exam is performed. The aim of this is to test as many areas of the nervous system as possible. The doctor wants to know if:

  • An area is working or not
  • It is stable, unstable or sluggish
  • It can be improved by using more healthy areas
  • It can be used to stimulate areas needing improvement

This is followed by therapeutic trial. This means a possible treatment is used, and then you are retested immediately to see if it will work.

What are the types of treatment?

Nerve cells need fuel, oxygen and stimulation to survive. Treatment is aimed at providing these and may include:
  • Specific adjustments to joints
  • Light, sound, smell, touch stimulation
  • Balance activities
  • Breathing exercises
  • Nutritional modification
  • Physical exercises
  • Eye exercises
  • Cognitive exercises

Care is very safe, closely monitored and often fun. This high impact field was the subject on a PBS special series AMAZING HEALERS called "Waking Up The Brain" and includes the fascinating and ground-breaking work of Dr Ted Carrick. The CD is available through PBS.

Light Therapy/Photonic Stimulation:

Our office has been using infrared light therapy since 1999 when Dr Thomas trained with pioneer light therapy developer Dr Constance Haber. She was using a brand new device developed by inventor and engineer, Maurice Bales. The unit is called a Photonic Stimulator which has since ushered in a whole wave of similar devices and treatment protocol including cold lasers. Dr Thomas has recently added one of the newest generation light therapy devices called the Solaris D880plus. It has many of the same properties and qualities as the Photonic Stimulator, but is 4-5 times stronger, thereby shortening the treatment time.  It is FDA approved for the treatment of pain, arthritis, soft tissue injury and nerve injury.

The physiological benefits of Light Therapy from the scientific literature include:

  • Stimulates tissue growth.  
  • Stimulates the production of collagen.
  • Reduces the Sympathetic Nervous System's input, which reduces pain.
  • Stimulates the release of Adenosine Triphosphate (cellular energy).
  • Increases lymphatic system activity to reduce swelling.
  • Light therapy has been shown to increase circulation by increasing the formation of new capillaries. Helpful in neuropathies.
  • Increases RNA and DNA synthesis which aids healing.
  • Reduces the excitability of pain nerve tissue thereby reducing pain.
  • Increases phagocytosis, or the cleaning-up of the wound site by special blood cells..
  • Increases blood flow to the pain-reducing large diameter nerves.

Treatment is completely painless, short in duration and has minimal contraindications.

The technical properties of the Solaris D880plus:

  • 32 infrared diodes
  • Wavelengths: infrared diode-880nm, red diodes-16mW.
  • Duty Cycle: CW, 90%, 50%, 10%.
  • Power Output: 1 Watt (1,000 mW). Dose: 6 J/cm2 (30 second treatment)

Other Therapies:

Our office also uses other effective, safe and time-proven therapies such as Interferential, Muscle Stimulation/Russian Stimulation and Microcurrent. Spinal motorized traction is used to help rehab bulging vertebral discs and scoliosis, and aggressive hands-on doctor-directed deep tissue work is used for post-surgical rehab, old chronic injuries to shoulders, knees, feet, hips etc. The care breaks up old scar tissue and adhesions to allow full range of motion and the ability to regain normal strength. Call us if a joint in your body just won’t heal.

VitaminOur office provides nutritional guidance and supplements to patients. Some of the hallmarks of good health include: Exercise, Good Sleep, Lowered Stress, Chiropractic Care, Good Genes and Nutrition. If one or more of these aspects is missing or weak, poor health can ensue. This is why we provide this care. Unless you have a perfect diet of primarily fruits and veggies, no refined sugar, high fiber, low animal products and the right calorie count and foods produced without chemicals using good soil and feed, you are likely missing or overdoing something. Whether you need just a basic multivitamin, or if you need to get some part of your body to work better, we can help you. Dr Thomas promotes good eating habits but knows many of us do need some help. His primary nutraceutical company is Metagenics. Their standards for purity, potency, safety and science, is the highest in the country. This is why they are the number one Nutraceutical company for all doctors in the U.S. They distribute throughout the world, helping people fix problems, attain and maintain health. Use the link to their site to see why they are the industry's leaders.

The common Health Conditions we work with include:

  • Gastrointestinal dysfunction: gas, bloating, constipation, irregularity
  • Immune Health
  • Blood Sugar Management/Type II Diabetes
  • Body Composition Changes
  • High Cholesterol/Cardiovascular Health
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Women's/Men's Health
  • Soft Tissue Health
  • Pain Management
  • Detoxification of Liver and Colon
  • General Health/Longevity Habits

One tool we use for measuring health is called a Bioimpedance Analyzer (BIA). This is a fast, painless test we use to check a variety of health parameters which include: Body Fat Percentage, Hydration levels, Toxicity, Body Mass Index, Phase Angle (tells you how effectively your cellular membranes are functioning), Basal Metabolic Rate (tells how many calories you burn per day). 7 time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong uses this tool to help him train by helping him stay within certain parameters.

The BIA information is useful when first assessing a patient's initial state to help determine what type of care is needed. Follow-up testing serves to measure progress and to help attain goals.

Preparation Instructions for a BIA: Avoid alcohol for 24 hours prior to test; Avoid exercise, caffeine and all food within 4 hours of taking test, Drink 2-4 glasses of water 2 hours before your test.

Other testing and questionnaires are used for analysis including saliva testing for hormones and neurotransmitters, pH testing and cholesterol testing. Outside labs are utilized for more in-depth analysis.

massageWe have 3 highly skilled and experienced Massage Therapists in our office. We offer treatments 7 days a week. Massage Therapy has been around for many thousands of years. It's a very natural and logical interaction between humans (and animals). Getting a massage therapy treatment is very beneficial in many ways.

Massage Therapy is Helpful for:

  • Promoting soft tissue healing of muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia
  • Reducing muscle spasms and tight muscles
  • Lengthening contracted soft tissues as a result of injury, surgical intervention or stress
  • Lowering blood pressure, cortisol levels, adrenaline levels
  • Lowering stress and anxiety
  • Children with learning and motor disabilities
  • Prenatal health
  • Helping athletes perform at much higher levels and recover faster
  • An excellent adjunct to Chiropractic care
  • Headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinits, bursitis, sprains and strains
  • When doctor-directed, good for the last 10% of post-surgical joint rehab

Pain in the soft tissues can actually spread throughout the body because it causes protective muscle “guarding” in surrounding areas. Over time, tight, inflamed muscles suffer poor circulation and oxygenation and can develop adhesions which prevent muscles from lengthening completely. Small areas of pain called trigger points can also develop, often causing pain or tingling in other areas in the body. In some situations, tight muscles, tendons or ligaments can pinch nerves. These are called entrapments. Some people elect to receive surgery for these problems. With appropriate massage techniques, the cause of the pinch can be relaxed and the nerve will heal naturally.

Here is the full list of services that we offer:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Neurological evaluation and treatment
  • Sports injury diagnosis and treatment
  • Nutritional evaluation and treatment
  • On-site Vitamin Pharmacy
  • X-ray
  • Massage therapy — seven days per week
  • Physiotherapy, including:
    • Spinal traction
    • Interferential
    • Muscle and Russian Stimulation
    • Light Therapy/Photonic Stimulation
    • Oxygen therapy
    • Exercise programs for home or gym
  • Car accident and work injury cases welcome
  • Braces for various injuries
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Pre and post-natal care
  • Treatment for infants to seniors
  • Emergency care available
  • Late appointments
  • Same-day care
  • Gentle and effective treatments
  • Affordable care

Chiropractor Checklist

Look for a chiropractor with advanced training degrees to better serve you. Dr. Thomas is a diplomate of the American Chiropractic Association’s Board of Neurology. He is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner and a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Thermography.

Ask any Chiropractor the following questions. If they don’t answer "YES" to all of them, come see us. Or better yet, just come see us. Do they...

  • Look at your body holistically or do they take a symptoms-only approach?
  • Provide multi-faceted care including nutrition, physiotherapy and or massage therapy?
  • Work on extremities such as shoulders, knees, feet and wrists?
  • Encourage home care in the form of exercise, nutrition, and massage therapy?
  • Promote healthy living habits maintain spine health?
  • Offer late-hour and emergency visits?
  • Extend affordable payment plans?

At Eureka Square Chiropractic we provide all of the above in a safe, caring environment. Call us today at:

650-738-BACK (2225)

“Good health is waiting for you”

Dr. Thomas
Dr. Kenneth A. Thomas