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Community Spirit

We’ve been part of the Pacifica Community for over 25 years, and we believe in giving back. We contribute regularly to Pacificans Care, the Pacifica Resource Center, local sports teams, and other local resources.

25 Year Anniversary in Pacifica

Celebrating this milestone with the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce on June 14, 2018.


Pacificans Care

Learn more about this great local organization below.

Pacificans Care

 Pacifica Resource Center

We are regular supporters of this amazing resource, helping local citizens needing food, housing, tax help, and guidance. 

Pacifica Resource Center

In Gratitude to “Miss” Betty

I would be remiss if I didn’t honor and give thanks to my right-hand-woman of 23 years. I can easily say that Miss Betty was a person instrumental in both my professional and private life. Our office opened in 1987 with another Chiropractor. I purchased the office in 1993 and “inherited” Miss Betty. She was the hardest working, honest beyond bounds, loyal and incredibly trustworthy. She never missed a deadline, of any kind. She managed our office with the utmost of professionalism. She was usually at work by 4 AM! I did the chiropractic work, she did the rest. She didn’t complain and always took care of whatever needed doing, and usually without telling anyone. I can only hope that there are many millions of other people with even half of her diligence and integrity in the world to help get good things going. My wife and I will forever be indebted to her for all she helped me accomplish. I have total respect for what she stood for. I often ask myself “What would Betty do?” I will usually find my answer this way. Thanks to her I have been able to find an incredible staff to replace her. She retired in 2016. I cried.

THANK YOU Betty!!! We all wish her and her incredible husband, Mike, a long, healthy, happy and well-deserved retirement.

Dr. Thomas