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Functional Neurology

Functional Neurology

Functional Neurologists are board-certified specialists in non-drug, non-surgical care for those with neurologically based health problems. Many conditions of the brain and nervous system do not respond well to aggressive interventions such as drug therapy or surgery. Additionally, drug therapies and surgical interventions often carry increased risks for serious complications or dangerous side effects. For this reason, functional neurologists fill a unique and significant role in treating brain and nervous system functional disorders using safe and effective methods producing lasting health benefits. Functional Neurologists treat all the conditions normally seen by chiropractors, plus: • Headaches • Vertigo • Pain syndromes • Learning and attention disorders • Nerve injury • Spinal cord injury • Head injury or stroke • Movement disorders • Balance disorders • Thyroid conditions • TMJ • Diabetic neuropathy This specialty certainly cannot offer a cure for all who present with these problems, but more times than not, considerable changes occur.

Why Functional Neurology?

Because functional neurologists often have great success treating patients for whom all other treatment methods have failed, people often ask, “What makes a functional neurologist so special?” The distinguishing factor is the paradigm, or approach that a functional neurologist uses toward diagnosis and treatment. In addition to evaluating for pathologies as medical doctors do; a functional neurologist evaluates for subtle functional changes in the nervous system. It is this expertise in detecting subtle changes in function that sets a functional neurologist apart from other specialists. Functional Neurologists are highly qualified specialists in the brain and nervous system. They have dedicated many years to study of these systems and are prepared to offer effective treatment options that do not involve the use of medications or surgery. If you or a loved one has a condition related in any way to the brain or nervous system, chiropractic neurology provides a new avenue of hope for successful treatment.

What are the Types of Treatments?

Nerve cells need fuel, oxygen and stimulation to survive. Treatment is aimed at providing these and may include: • Specific adjustments to joints • Light, sound, smell, touch stimulation • Balance activities • Breathing exercises • Nutritional modification • Physical exercises • Eye exercises • Cognitive exercises Care is very safe, closely monitored and often fun.

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